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Touch of Serenity Massage offers professional massage by appointment. Therapeutic massage can alleviate pain, improve range of motion and improve over all wellness.  There's no denying the power of bodywork.  Regardless of the objective we assign to it (pampering, rejuvenating, therapeutic) or the reasons we seek it out (a luxurious treat, stress relief, pain management) massage therapy can be a powerful ally in your wellness regimen.

Experts estimate that 80% of disease is contributed by stress.  While eliminating anxiety and pressure altogether in this fast paced world may be idealistic, massage can without a doubt help manage stress. Research continues to show the enormous benefits of bodywork . Massage therapists are becoming an integral part of wellness for many. 

This translates into decreased anxiety, enhanced sleep quality, greater energy, increased circulation, the benefits of massage are positive.  This can have profound effects on our wellness regimen.
Getting a massage can do you a world of good.  This is the beauty of bodywork.  Taking part in this form of regular scheduled self care can play a huge part in how healthy you'll feel and make a difference with each passing year.

Budgeting time and money for bodywork is a true investment in your health and wellness. Finding a great massage therapist is also a journey. There are so many talented , caring massage therapists for us to chose from. The important choice is yours to make. A massage therapist that will listen and communicate effectively to make your time of the utmost importance.  Consider massage appointments a necessary piece of your health and wellness plan.  At Touch of Serenity we want to establish a wellness plan that you can achieve.  Each massage is designed by you with the assistance of your massage therapist guiding hands or helpful modalities.  Therapeutic oils or lotions, various modalities, aromatherapy and heated towels, comfortable linens and massage, that is what is offered in each massage session when appropriate. All provided in an environment that is conducive to relaxation.

Every BODY is different and the needs for everyone are unique and important, I design each massage to make the time on the table of value and importance.  If you should want various modalities such as Cupping, Bamboo- fusion ®, Himalayan salt stone, deep tissue,  or just the use of my hands I listen to your needs and make each visit matter. I have a deep sense of compassion for what I do and this is not a job but my chosen career that I enjoy everyday! Your time matters to me.
I believe wellness and relaxation are a journey.  I care about each individual and have a desire to help alleviate stress and pain if I can.   Make this New Years resolution to make you #1!  You deserve wellness and happiness this New Years!

We hope you can find everything you need. Touch of Serenity Massage is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.  We will do everything we can to meed your expectations. If I cannot offer what you need I have wonderful referrals of other therapists I work closely with that can help you achieve wellness.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you will appreciate the time and energy spent to a rejuvenated, relaxed you.   Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Good heath and wellness to everyone !

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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