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Maria M. Mora

My name is Maria M Mora LCMT (Licensed Certified Massage Therapist) and I love what I do . It would be my pleasure to put my extensive experience to work for you.My opportunity to offer my deep sense of compassion and gratitude and to have a career in which I truly love.

Every opportunity I have to Massage is a new opportunity to introduce various modalities, utilize my toolbox and assist you to wellness. I have over 14 years of experience in assisting others in various capacities. Social service, onocolgy, geriatrics, administrative management, community outreach, non profit and voluntarism management roles along with massage therapy.  My journey was established on the West Coast in California and I have expanded my skills and talents here on the East Coast.  I have a background in music, garden, and expressive art therapy in a counseling and group setting.  My hobbies consist of  gardening , decorating and design and implementing and  creating programs for the non profit industry. 

I have 5 wonderful children in which all are very different and I have had the opportunity to learn a wealth of information as a mother. I am a people person and the world of massage changed my life 16 years ago as a migraine sufferer. I have transformed my life to wellness. I have lost a whole person 143 pounds with the weightloss journey.  Along my journey I have had various health issues which in return I wanted to devote my career to assist others with pain management, stress relief and wellness. This career choice is a never ending continuing flow of education and bodywork.

I love massage , promote massage and have seen it change peoples lives for the better. Illness and pain sometimes go hand in hand and when I have the ability to assists others I do.  If I am not able to provide resources I have created and established relationships with other wonderful people in the community who can. I was blessed to have wonderful mentors and educators who taught me to help others. Sometimes along the way in life through experiences and people we gain wonderful gifts to help us be in tune with others energy.  I use this energy as I perform massage's for everyone I see. So in closing my choice as a Massage Therapist is not a job but a chosen career in which has transformed my life greatly . I believe massage in conjunction with a team of individuals who help our bodies to wellness are crucial. Good Health and Wellness to all !

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